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Business Development & Strategic | Planning | Marketing | SpeakerCommunications & PR | Digital Transformation Sustainability & CSR

+20 Years Experience

Skills to build strong and innovative teams oriented to client satisfaction and results.

Entrepreneur and Senior Executive

Experience in many industries and multicultural business environments in Latin America, Europe and the United States. 

Holding executive leadership

In digital marketing, business, go-to-market development, communications, public relations reputation and international affairs, customer experience, branding, and creativity.

Some of my key attributes are a contagious passion for business, leadership, transformation capacity, and execution. Passionate about adding value and making a difference in every environment I’ve participated in, by developing talented people and growing high potential Businesses Partners.

I was a member of many international, regional, and national chambers and associations for the length of my career. Member of Starts Competition for the University of San Andres, acting as entrepreneur’s mentor and judge.

Committed to volunteer work for non-profit community development organizations across Argentina and Latin America, and also remain an active mentor to young people in my community.

I’ve been frequently invited to speak or moderate at various international organizations’ forums, conferences, events, and TV, additionally I’ve published articles for media magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

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Digital Revolution

En este mundo, existimos los #NEOS.

En este mundo, existimos los #NEOS. Todos somos talentos que se inspiran en la multiculturalidad, para descubrir nuevas formas de acelerar hacia el futuro. 🚀 Ahora, con la ayuda de la Inteligencia…
Diversity and inclusion in times of change


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